Monday, April 2, 2012

Fairprice Family Cook Off 2 FINAL

Congratulations to Sushi Shinobi & Island Fusion for getting into the final round of Fairprice Family Cook off 2.
Which family will win the race??

2 families, 3 rounds of cook off
1) Mystery Ingredients Challenge : Whole chicken, Red capsicum, Mushrooms & Oranges
2) Healthy Recipe Makeover : Sliced Fish Soup
3) Seafood Feast that consists of 3 dishes fr each family cooking within 40mins

Catch them on 3 April 2012, Tuesday
AFC Ch 435 @ 8pm (English)
E City Ch 825 @ 8.20pm (Mandarin)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fairprice Family Cook Off 2 - 2nd Semi-final

 Congratulations to Sushi Shinobi for getting into the final round!!

Lets see which family, Vegelicious or Island Fusion will get into the final round.

Support them, vote for them!!
You also can find the recipe from the above website & there's videos to show u how to cook them!!

Tuesday, 27 Mar 2012
AFC Ch 435 @ 8pm (English)
E City Ch 825 @ 8.20pm (Mandarin)

Missed it? Repeat telecast on every sun @ 4pm for both channels.

Did u try cooking any of the dishes? I will.........SOON!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fairprice Family Cook Off 2 - 1st Semi-final

Next Tuesday will be the 1st semi-final for these 2 families.
Which family will move on & win the race??


Sushi Shinobi

Semi-final rounds consist of :
1) Spin the wheel Challenge
2) Healthy Recipe makeover
3) Mystery Ingredients Challenge

Remember to support them 
Every Tuesday
AFC Ch 435 @ 8pm (English)
E City Ch 825 @ 8.20pm (Mandarin)
Repeat telecast every Sunday @ 4pm for both channels

Friday, March 16, 2012

Fairprice Family Cook Off 2 - Semi-final

Did u guess right which families will get into the semi-final??

Congratulation to the following families for getting into the semi-final!!

So, next Tuesday will be the 1st round of semi-final.....which family will move to final with their winning dishes?? 
Dont forget to log into this website : to vote for yr fav family & win prices.
Catch them, 20th Mar 2012
AFC Ch 435 @ 8pm (English)
E City Ch 825 @ 8.20pm (Mandarin)

Repeat telecast on every Sunday @ 4pm for both channels.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fairprice Family Cook Off 2 Ep 4: Kitchenistas or Island Fusion

Congratulations to Vegelicious for getting into the Semi-finals!!

I really enjoyed watching the families cooking & bonding in the show. And i love the way their recreate dishes to healthy food!! And how they used the Thailand Healthy mixed rice cooked into yummy dishes!!

Next up are : 4 beautiful ladies clad-in-kebaya-like outfit, Kitchenistas with the multi-racial family, Island Fusion....i really wonder can the 2 kids cook?? 

 It's exciting to see both families dishes out 2 very different Signature Dish. Kitchenistas served fish maw & tofu soup in such a short time.....Bravo *clap clap*

And if Island Fusion's kids CAN cook, so can u!! lol ....they did creole crab cakes with mango salsa......wah...sounds very chim.....

And Guess what?? Healthy Recipe Makeover is CHICKEN CURRY!!! I really wan to see how both teams will fare in doing to make it more healthy? Then please catch them on :
AFC Ch 435 @ 8pm
E City Ch 825 @ 8.20pm

Check out this website for the recipes:

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fairprice Family Cook Off Ep 3

Congratulations to Sushi Shinobi for getting into the semi-finals with their dishes!! 

This week on episode 3, we have the very fun & fast talking Vegelicious going head to head with 'always-having-a-smile-on-their-face' Wonder Woks.

Love Vegelicious adding spices to their dishes & that amazing creamy pumpkin soup.....i AM so going to learn how to do that soup cos i LOVE pumpkin.

Wonder Woks always wear a smile on their face even thou they were so stressed with the pumpkin balls. They faced some problem on making the pumpin balls BUT they still didnt forget to joke abt it!! I love how they support each other.

Which family will be the one to get into the semi-finals round?? 
Catch them on Tues, Starhub AFC Ch 435 @ 8pm (English)
E City Ch 825 @ 8.20pm (Mandarin)

Want their recipe?? Go to this website to get it & watch the 'how-to-cook" videos!!

U can also vote yr fav family & stand to win prizes

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fairprice Family Cook Off Ep 2

Did u watch last week Fairprice Families Cook Off last week? 
Congratulation to Gingerbread for getting into the Semi-final!

Wan to know their recipe to winning? Check out website:

Fairprice Families Cook Off is a new cooking competition programme that is showing on Every Tues Starhub AFC Ch 435 @ 8pm & E City Ch 825 @ 8.20pm (Mandarin).
Each episode will see 2 families cooking in 3 rounds (Signature Dish, Healthy Recipe Make-over & Mystery Ingredients Challenge). The winning family in each episode will move on to the semi-final.

This week, for episode 2, we will see Family Bites Vs Sushi Shinobi.
Which family will win and move to semi-final tonight?? What will both families cook tonight & what to learn from their healthy cooking?? What are the Mystery Ingredients for them & think how U will also improvise that mystery ingredients? 
Catch them all tonight !!

 Hosted by Husband/wife team, Darren Lim & Evelyn Tan......

Missed it?? Repeat telecast on every Sun @ 4pm on both AFC Ch 435 & E City Ch 825 !!

Miss it and u will regret.......

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fairprice Family Cook off 2

Asian Food Channel new cooking programme : Fairprice Families Cook off is hosted by husband & wife team : Darren Lim & Evelyn Tan. 

8 Families go head-to-head in tis cooking competition. Every week there will b 2 families competing to cook 3 dishes. The winning family each week will move on to semi-finals.

Here are the 8 families competing:-

Catch them on :
Every Tues (starting fr 21 Feb '12)
StarHub Cable Vision : AFC 435 @ 8pm
& E City 825 @ 8.20pm (mandarin)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Day In Rengit

I went to Malaysia Rengit with my friend for CNY visiting......and was overwhelmed by the fans there!! The malaysians are so friendly & polite....there were 2 girls "secretly"came out fr their office & ran to get bouquets of flowers for me & just to take a pic w me. It was a very fun short trip there.....
The above pic was taken right in front of my friend's cafe "Rengit Coffee" : yes the guy on the left is the BOSS la and the rest are his kids, nieces, bro & my very best friend, Molly in red!! 

If u travel to Rengit, DO drop by Rengit Coffee and MUST try the fried carrot cakes...BEST BEST the coffee too la....they grow their own coffee beans too!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Most crazy fans year 2011.....

They are a group of newcomers in the showbiz scene!
They brought a new sensations to tis industry with a big turnout of their supportive fans for their 1st meet-the-fans promo!
We had to cut short a one-hour promo to a ten-minute promo due to the overwhelming turnout!!

The fans running around us......following us all the way to the bus!!

Just outside was packed like sardines!!


Tis was the 2nd Meet-the-fans promo and with barricades to control the crowds!
They were q-ing up to get the autographed postcards & having the chance to go onstage to take pics with the young ones!!

They STILL chasing after the bus......true-blue fans!!

Five cartons of gifts for the young ones.....BEST!! and we had to get the managers & staffs to help distributes the gifts to respective actors!

Then the fans turned up at the TV station!!!......

Before i went off, here's thanks to the fans for making tis event a memorable one!!

I called them:


The Best Team i worked u all to the MAX!!!

Year 2011 
The best collaboration i worked with!
Wonderful team filled with a lot of laughter, "bitching" behind each other back, "愉拍”-ing each other!
We were like a family, longing to see everyone weeks after weeks.....

Behind every successful program is a great creative team: Producer Ah Lian, Able to take our nonsense Camera Man Thong Thong, 傻妹 AP-coordinator Cai Fang, Script Writer Justin, Handsome Joseph.......not forgetting my PA : Finn !! Thks Finn for making my job easier & lighter my bags la!!

And this show started my PLANKING.............

2011 was not a great year for me BUT i was glad & happy to have this team & artistes to work with ....they made my 2011 a wonderful & memorable year for me!!
Thank You everyone!!