Monday, August 24, 2009

Dont PLAY PLAY with Coke hor!!

Went to my frd's pl to stay over the week.....and found a can of coke EXPLODED in the fridge ( pls note: it's fridge compartment NOT the freezer hor!!) And i m NOT joking when i say exploded cos u can see from the pic, the top portion of the coke can came off!! WIN LIAO!!......cos i had to do the cleaning la!!
Tis was the result when u left yr coke in the fridge right to the rear got too cold and gassy and ......THAT'S IT lor!!!
So DONT PLay play with yr coke !! See How powerful it can be!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

PONTIAN wan tan mee......UPDATE!!

I REALLY love Pontian wan tan mee......and i will always try to eat it weekly!! Tis time, I tried it in SOUP and it taste FABULOUS!!! The noodles was al dente and with the char siew, it give a very sweet taste to the soup!!.....and of cos i MUST add in the pork lard to boost up the whole flavour of the mee!!!

DAMN!!! Now i craving for tis.........

Get it @ all Pontian wan tan mee - Islandwide!!!

Why i love century eggs from HK

Whenever i go to HK, i MUST eat these century eggs......cos it's definitely ten times better than those u get in spore........the yolk of each century egg is creamy without the "stinky" smell ....and look at this pics, the outer layer is like a jelly, so translucent!!!!

HHHmmmmmm..................DAMN BEST!!!

These century eggs from HK are the BEST to cook in porridge cos the creamy yolk will "melt" into the porridge and u WILL taste the eggs in it. Not like in spore....only can taste the century eggs WHEN u eat the eggs in the porridge BUT when u take a spoonful of JUST the porridge, no taste of it lor!!

Now i miss these eggs!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Goose meat rice.....

This is MY MUST-HAVE whenever i go to Hong Kong. I always buy fr Yung Kee @ Wellington Str. This is always BEST to eat it when it's still hot or FRESH from the oven!! I even bought one whole goose back to singapore BUT forgot to take pic la....too excited to heat it up to eat lor!!