Saturday, September 24, 2011

Run Away..............with Puma

Thanks to Puma for the running shoes!
very light it to the MAX!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

small but loud

the small horn works like a speaker to the iPhone! really loud & clear for slow or noisy songs! 

Video calling........

Both Martin & I tried video chat from Playbook and ......waaahhhhllllaaa.....
hahaha! tis pic showed us video-chatting away @ 2am lor! 
really funny & fun! PLUS it's loud & clear! 

Maximize time!

This is how i maximize my time in Passion !  
pedicure & put on face mask while having my hair styled.....and a quick nap before i go party! 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Talk wat har?

John Leung talking .... doing lucky draw! 
eeerrr..........where is my prize? hee hee ......

BB calling......

@ Tabs for BB PlayBook Music Store launch

posted updated by PlayBook

Thursday, August 4, 2011

WOW Amazing........Playbook can .........

Wow wow wow!
Now i can blog anytime anywhere with PlayBook!
I can even take pics and upload straight to blog......

Tis pic edited thru PlayBook apps & uploaded using PlayBook!

Yes! PlayBook will b my new toy to help me with my blogs & with flashplayer, i can watch xinmsn.catchup tv anytime anywhere !

Trying out with new toy

i m holding my new BB Playbook n trying to see if i able to blog with tis new toy plus attaching pic

picture added fr playbook!

Friday, July 22, 2011

U care, She care, Eye care.........

Joi Chua, our very own local singer, opened an optical shop right at the heart of Holland Village.
She studied optometry & had even worked & helped out in hospital as an optometrist.
Now she fulfill her dream of opening an optical shop & being her own boss.

Her shop called Eyecare People, is not for nothing....they really care about their customers.
She tested my eyesight personally with precise care & explanation. As i told her my concern of myopia & presbyopia, she took the trouble to put different kind of lenses into the eye-test, to show me what's the different of each lenses in terms of sharpness, blurry & focus. She even explained the new technology of combining myopia & presbyopia lenses together and will STILL look as a piece of len without a line in-between! PERFECT!! YES, i know i have to agree i am getting old BUT i dont hv to show i have 老花眼, right?? Joi also explained & showed me how i can change & wear different degrees (both eyes) for my contact lenses and still can handle & read well even with my 老花lor!! AMAZING REVELATION!!!

After we agreed on the lenses, she even helped me to choose the metal green frame by Anne Et Valentin!! Actually I had chose 2 frames and she explained the differences i wore on each of them. She even asked where i usually wear my specs to. And she explained that this green frame will make me look younger, fresher even without make up on.....WOW!! Don't u agreed i really look fresh in the photo (btw i wasnt having any makeup on hor!)

I really will recommend tis shop to all of u cos of the service & explanation they provide, NOT because it's opened by JOI CHUA, okay.......

Eyecare People Pte Lte
25, Lor Liput, Holland Village

Thursday, May 5, 2011

LPG Treatment

I went for LPG treatment a month ago. Alot of pp will ask : whats LPG?
LPG is a treatment that stimulate & breakdown the cellulite thus reshaping & contouring the body.
I have to change into a tis stocking-look-alike full body garment called Endermowear. It's a clothing made specially for LPG. It grips the skin well to give an even more effective Lipomassage.

Therapist @ work......moving the roller on areas that need contouring!

The roller movement : roll 'up, roll 'in, roll 'out
These movements help to eliminate  fat deposits, revitalize blood & lymphatic circulation & reactivate lipolysis. It can also stimulate collagen & firm up the skin.

All of u must b wondering why i did LPG. Well, i may not look fat to u, but i really have alot of cellulite on my thighs!! If any of u notice, i used to have long slender legs....BUT these 3 years, my legs started to get bigger!! I have so many pairs of pants & jeans not able to fit in!!'s true!!
So i decided to go for tis LPG treatment.

Tis treatment must do it once every week. And depending on how "big" u are, more sessions will be needed to get into shape & slimmer.
I had 4 sessions over a mth (in between missed out one session cos of lady prob la!!) and i am saw results on my 3rd session!! My body is more shaped esp the waist to hip area and my thighs are getting smaller!
I wished i have photos to show u my results.......but i havent take any pics yet.
Not to worry, i will take a pic and show u all soon....

So get in shape now!!
Dr GL Spa

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Using iPad 2 ......

I m trying if I m able to draft my blog w my new iPad 2. Hopefully Tis work... Then can use Tis to take pics n blog ..... All using iPad 2 lor! If u can read Tis post, that means .... IPad 2 is definitely amazing !
But maybe can't load pics! Sign ....

Monday, February 28, 2011

anything zouk......

drinks....and more drinks

forever packed in zouk

Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's Fresh............

Juicy Burger from Japanese 

Freshness Burger !!
Nex Shopping Mall