Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fairprice Family Cook Off 2 Ep 4: Kitchenistas or Island Fusion

Congratulations to Vegelicious for getting into the Semi-finals!!

I really enjoyed watching the families cooking & bonding in the show. And i love the way their recreate dishes to healthy food!! And how they used the Thailand Healthy mixed rice cooked into yummy dishes!!

Next up are : 4 beautiful ladies clad-in-kebaya-like outfit, Kitchenistas with the multi-racial family, Island Fusion....i really wonder can the 2 kids cook?? 

 It's exciting to see both families dishes out 2 very different Signature Dish. Kitchenistas served fish maw & tofu soup in such a short time.....Bravo *clap clap*

And if Island Fusion's kids CAN cook, so can u!! lol ....they did creole crab cakes with mango salsa......wah...sounds very chim.....

And Guess what?? Healthy Recipe Makeover is CHICKEN CURRY!!! I really wan to see how both teams will fare in doing to make it more healthy? Then please catch them on :
AFC Ch 435 @ 8pm
E City Ch 825 @ 8.20pm

Check out this website for the recipes: