Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Beans so big

My nephew grew tis beans in his home back yard and it's really HUGE!

As big as my eye!!

There!! my NEW eye masks!!!waahhahahahaha

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Passion!!!

Passion took over the former Mumbai Sei unit and Now it's a BIGGER Passion!!

The main reception area with a wall-tv !!


Waiting area with a bigger space and VIP rooms


The BEST "catwalk" area!!! I strut down NOT orchard road but in tis BIG SPACE!!! WOOOHOOOO!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary - Kitty Lab

I am NOT a big fan of Hello Kitty......but a visit to Kitty Lab, I beginning to appreciate Hello Kitty now.

Ticketing area 

Hello Kitty surgery bed

The Hello Kitty Lanyard and the ID card 

Exhibition from 14th Nov - 29th Nov
10am - 9pm
Singapore Expo Hall 1

Monday, November 9, 2009

Rainy days = boot!!

got myself another pair of new boot from Ecco!! Usually i only buy black boots but tis brown knee-length ridding boot look damn nice, hip & chic and easy to wear with jeans, skirts, shorts or even leggings!!
Woohooo.....u will see me in tis very often for the next 2 months!!

Rain rain....come come....i not scare of u now!!

Get it @ Ecco, ION Orchard

psss.....i heard only left last 3 pairs!!....quick go buy!!

My Halloween wedding gown

Bought tis wedding gown for $200 including the gloves & veil....then i ripped & tear the gown, gloves & veil......dripping blood & black oil paint on it.

Of cos i booked Mercs cab to come pick me la...dont wan to scare pp mah!!

I did special effect make up myself....YES u can get the stuffs from Toy 'R' Us lor.
At the end of the night, i was MORE messy & dirty la!!
Had to wash hair & bath until CLEAN CLEAN then can go to bed leh.....can die!! By the time i finished blowing my hair, it's was 6am liao lor!!
Looking forward to next year Halloween !!

Scotch Whiskey

One of my Fav Scotch Whiskey!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

p.s i silk you

This is a postcard taken @ Hermes p.s i silk you event.
U can get a set of 10 postcards, wearing Hermes scarfs and get a picture taken for just S$50. All proceeds will benefit Beautiful People*.
30th Oct till 15th Nov 09
Orchard Road, in front of Wisma Atria & Ngee Ann City
11am till 8pm daily

Come down and join us @ the studios along Orchard Rd and experiment the different ways of wearing a Hermes scarf and be photographed by the experts!!


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lucky Plaza

I always love to go Lucky Plaza to have lunch & dinner. It's a wonder u really can find wonderful good cheap food here.

Es Kacang Hijau S$3 - This taste exactly like Cheedol only that tis is only green bean in rich coconut milk & the brown sugar.

Ayam Penyet S$ 6 - If u love Ayam Penyat, then must try tis. This come with some boil kang kong, a piece of fried bean curd & tempe, cabbage and those crispy crumbs......PLUS that v powerful belanchan!!!

Gado Gado S$ 4.50 - Love tis !! The peanut sauce is think and with so many pieces of crackers, i just cant stop eating it!!!

Eat it @ Ayam Penyet Ria, Lucky Plaza, #04-25/26 Tel: 62357385

P.S. U're SMELL badly with all the frying in the restaurant, so BRING perfume & hair mist along esp when u have to go to a meeting or meet someone after the meal here!! U DONT WAN to smell like BBQ right??

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Coming Up.......

Passion is doing a massive reno to open up more units to the current one......and i got a chance to take a pic of tis "cover-up"!! Wats going on behind tis board?? I dont know....mayb painting, drilling, moving in the furnitures....i cant wait ti see the NEW Passion in 2 mths time!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Comfort Shoes....

Alot of people feel that most Ecco shoes dont look fashionable enough and very difficult to match with daily outfits..they say, comfort shoes ALWAYS dont look nice !! Well, i bet to differ cos here's are some  Ecco shoes i got for myself and i thot they really looked stylish & fashionable....even classic !!!

Ecco Lite Boot - very light & comfortable leather, comes in black & brown. I wore it with my jean fold-up to look hip & rugged and tis is best for traveling to cold country - it kept my feet warm!! The removable insole increases air circulation to create the perfect inner climate!!

Ecco Granada Lace-up Pump - the classic pump comes with a metallic-look leather lining and it can be wore with a knee-length skirt and shirt to create a stylish office up-to-date look. U also can wear a black legging, hot mini-skirt with a beautiful tee to go for a hot date & move on to the club for party!! PLUS the heel is only ard 2½--3"ins only.....AND it's really comfortable to wear for long hours cos i overhead Bernice (well-known model) said: I've been wearing tis since 10am and my feet not hurt!!....when she spoke to me, thats already 6pm!!! So she's been standing, walking & running around with tis pump for 8hrs!!

AND I MUST have a red shoe la!!
Ecco Thrill Tie - tis is a great combination of leathers & textile and it look trendy without putting in too much sporty look!! The leather-covered inlay sole, thanks to the moisture-absorbent circulation system, is soft & removable. U can wear tis with ANYTHING, jeans, skirts, shorts, long pants and still look good!! I wore tis to my dance rehearsals (2 hrs hor!!) and my feet still dont feel tired at all!! 

Here's the reason why Ecco is good for our feet:-
Ecco philosophy is : Our shoes follow the foot, not the other way round. 

Monday, August 24, 2009

Dont PLAY PLAY with Coke hor!!

Went to my frd's pl to stay over the week.....and found a can of coke EXPLODED in the fridge ( pls note: it's fridge compartment NOT the freezer hor!!) And i m NOT joking when i say exploded cos u can see from the pic, the top portion of the coke can came off!! WIN LIAO!!......cos i had to do the cleaning la!!
Tis was the result when u left yr coke in the fridge right to the rear got too cold and gassy and ......THAT'S IT lor!!!
So DONT PLay play with yr coke !! See How powerful it can be!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

PONTIAN wan tan mee......UPDATE!!

I REALLY love Pontian wan tan mee......and i will always try to eat it weekly!! Tis time, I tried it in SOUP and it taste FABULOUS!!! The noodles was al dente and with the char siew, it give a very sweet taste to the soup!!.....and of cos i MUST add in the pork lard to boost up the whole flavour of the mee!!!

DAMN!!! Now i craving for tis.........

Get it @ all Pontian wan tan mee - Islandwide!!!

Why i love century eggs from HK

Whenever i go to HK, i MUST eat these century eggs......cos it's definitely ten times better than those u get in spore........the yolk of each century egg is creamy without the "stinky" smell ....and look at this pics, the outer layer is like a jelly, so translucent!!!!

HHHmmmmmm..................DAMN BEST!!!

These century eggs from HK are the BEST to cook in porridge cos the creamy yolk will "melt" into the porridge and u WILL taste the eggs in it. Not like in spore....only can taste the century eggs WHEN u eat the eggs in the porridge BUT when u take a spoonful of JUST the porridge, no taste of it lor!!

Now i miss these eggs!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Goose meat rice.....

This is MY MUST-HAVE whenever i go to Hong Kong. I always buy fr Yung Kee @ Wellington Str. This is always BEST to eat it when it's still hot or FRESH from the oven!! I even bought one whole goose back to singapore BUT forgot to take pic la....too excited to heat it up to eat lor!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

J-Pot : 2, 4, 6 or 8??

Always worry u have to use ONE steam-boat pot for many people and cant decide wat soup base to have?? NO sweat!! At J-Pot, 2=1!! Every steam-boat pot is shared with 2 persons on each table!! DOnt worry abt a big group of friends, they have BIG tables and still maintain the 2=1 pot!!

Tis J-pot cant SING but can STEAM!!!

Jumbo Seafood opened a new eating place in VIVO CIty. This J-pot is actually a steam-boat place !! They have the usual chicken stock soup base (they made the base with their own secret wor!!) and also herbal base. But they also wanted to cater to the younger crowds so they included LAKSA, Tom Yam and BAK KUT TEH soup base!! Well.....some people like it REAL healthy, and i bet ONLY tis J-Pot has it ONLY.....the PORRIDGE soup base!!

Laksa Soup Base

Tom Yam Soup Base with meat balls

Chillie, peanut, soy sauce....watever sauce !! DIY lah!!

A big LAZY SUSAN for a wide range of meats & vegetables to go into yr steam boat!!

Black Pork


Fish glue - DIY

Me having fun with the Fish Glue!!

This is HOW u do it : Hold "plastic" tube and press like putting cream onto cakes!!!

Give tis J-Pot a try......u wont b disappointed la!!
VIvo City, 1st level, go towards St James PowerHouse area and u will see tis shop , 1st one on the side entrance!!

Gold Or Black?

I always love boots , heels , slippers or flats!! So here i am, with my new-found booties!!

YES!! This gold one just so fabulous.....get it liao!!

Classic Black & the fashionable gold.....which one u like?? If u wan DRAMA, gold la!!

Get it @ Cherrie, Far East Plaza