Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary - Kitty Lab

I am NOT a big fan of Hello Kitty......but a visit to Kitty Lab, I beginning to appreciate Hello Kitty now.

Ticketing area 

Hello Kitty surgery bed

The Hello Kitty Lanyard and the ID card 

Exhibition from 14th Nov - 29th Nov
10am - 9pm
Singapore Expo Hall 1

Monday, November 9, 2009

Rainy days = boot!!

got myself another pair of new boot from Ecco!! Usually i only buy black boots but tis brown knee-length ridding boot look damn nice, hip & chic and easy to wear with jeans, skirts, shorts or even leggings!!
Woohooo.....u will see me in tis very often for the next 2 months!!

Rain rain....come come....i not scare of u now!!

Get it @ Ecco, ION Orchard

psss.....i heard only left last 3 pairs!!....quick go buy!!

My Halloween wedding gown

Bought tis wedding gown for $200 including the gloves & veil....then i ripped & tear the gown, gloves & veil......dripping blood & black oil paint on it.

Of cos i booked Mercs cab to come pick me la...dont wan to scare pp mah!!

I did special effect make up myself....YES u can get the stuffs from Toy 'R' Us lor.
At the end of the night, i was MORE messy & dirty la!!
Had to wash hair & bath until CLEAN CLEAN then can go to bed leh.....can die!! By the time i finished blowing my hair, it's was 6am liao lor!!
Looking forward to next year Halloween !!

Scotch Whiskey

One of my Fav Scotch Whiskey!!