Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bib for adult too!!

If u at Jumbo Seafood and afraid to dirty your clothes when eating chillie crabs, u can ask for a bib to use!! Feel pai-say for that?? WOnt la....get the whole table of people to wear it too!! Trust me....u will enjoy yr crabs so much u wont even bother if the sauce splash onto u!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Thai food ...... in Hougang Heartland

Found this small thai eatery at HDB heartland !!! The eatery name......NaKhon Kitchen - opened by 2 young people (i think so la..cos i saw them working hard serving customers!!). They have 3 chefs from thailand to do the cooking , so believe me, what ever u order, U WILL ASK FOR MORE!!!

I'm NOT having a headache but just dont know what to 2nd time there!! The food is so authentic thai & it's very crowded during dinner time esp the weekends!! Sad to say, no reservation allowed but the Q is fast la.......So if i can wait for 30-45 mins to get a table, the food here MUST BE DAMN good lor!!! And here i am,......siting at a table OUTSIDE the imagine...all full liao!!!

Thai home-made teh.....damn think & gd!!

href=""> My niece fav - Pineapple thai fried rice....with bar-ho on top!! She can finish a whole plate PLUS other dishes!!

Fried Chicken.....for kids la!! Thats what i like about tis place, they have spicy food for chillies-lovers & simple food like beef noodles, fried chicken wings, fried rice & stir-fry vegs for kids.

Thai Otak...MY FAV!! And tis is handmade lor !!

A must to order:

Thai Mango Salad.....made u think u in thailand!!
Any fish dish ...... i tried the fried Grouper in thai sweet & sour sauce and fried Grouper in thai sauce
The Ruby dessert & the sticky rice with mango!!

Get it @
Blk 212 Hougang Street 21 ( Junction of Hougang St 21 and Lorong 1)
Tel: 62868785
Open daily. Lunch 12 -3pm, Dinner 5.30-10pm

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Uni & Otoro

My fav.....Fresh Sea Urchin taste just like a mango & the Otoro, tuna belly, just melt in your mouth!!

Headache!! What happen!!???

Is there anything wrong w the blogspot??? cant seem to get into my blog sometimes, and not even able to log in!!! What the hell?????? Now even my uploaded pics also cant see!!!??? Kaossss.........

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Big Suckling pig

This suckling pig is so big, we only had the skin with the popian....and the rest of the meat, including the head, legs.....i brought it home cos no one wants lor!! They had to packed into 4 big boxes and i had to gave away to neighbours to cook......

What to drink?? I'm confused!!

These are the glasses of drinks i had when dinner with a group of friends.......Left to right: Champagne, Plain water, Hennessy Brandy on the rocks, Louis 13 neat

Be Creative....

Friday, February 6, 2009

IR..coming up

Times flies....the buildings of IR....appearing .....coming soon....

The sky the limit........with Flyer

I love to take pics of the sky.......esp when i am travelling. This one was taken while in my friend's car......been up on the flyer......hmmm......great place to take a good pic of spore view!!

Pussy Willow 銀柳

Every year i will buy pussy willow for CNY. But tis year, the leaves & buds all grow at the right time.....1st day of CNY!! YES....I talked to them !!!

They say if 銀柳 buds grow, that means....有銀子算 money to the more buds grow, the more money u have !!! WooooHooooo........HUAT AH!!!

Flowers bloom

This is cherry blossom.....and usually they have it for CNY.
I bought tis pot and the flowers all blossomed lor!!......somemore at the right time...1st day of CNY!!

I talked to my flowers to tell them when to blossom......and it worked ......every year!!