Thursday, May 5, 2011

LPG Treatment

I went for LPG treatment a month ago. Alot of pp will ask : whats LPG?
LPG is a treatment that stimulate & breakdown the cellulite thus reshaping & contouring the body.
I have to change into a tis stocking-look-alike full body garment called Endermowear. It's a clothing made specially for LPG. It grips the skin well to give an even more effective Lipomassage.

Therapist @ work......moving the roller on areas that need contouring!

The roller movement : roll 'up, roll 'in, roll 'out
These movements help to eliminate  fat deposits, revitalize blood & lymphatic circulation & reactivate lipolysis. It can also stimulate collagen & firm up the skin.

All of u must b wondering why i did LPG. Well, i may not look fat to u, but i really have alot of cellulite on my thighs!! If any of u notice, i used to have long slender legs....BUT these 3 years, my legs started to get bigger!! I have so many pairs of pants & jeans not able to fit in!!'s true!!
So i decided to go for tis LPG treatment.

Tis treatment must do it once every week. And depending on how "big" u are, more sessions will be needed to get into shape & slimmer.
I had 4 sessions over a mth (in between missed out one session cos of lady prob la!!) and i am saw results on my 3rd session!! My body is more shaped esp the waist to hip area and my thighs are getting smaller!
I wished i have photos to show u my results.......but i havent take any pics yet.
Not to worry, i will take a pic and show u all soon....

So get in shape now!!
Dr GL Spa

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Using iPad 2 ......

I m trying if I m able to draft my blog w my new iPad 2. Hopefully Tis work... Then can use Tis to take pics n blog ..... All using iPad 2 lor! If u can read Tis post, that means .... IPad 2 is definitely amazing !
But maybe can't load pics! Sign ....