Thursday, March 11, 2010


It's been a long time that i didnt go to JB to eat and shop due to my busy schedules until last weekends when i went to stay for a night.
Today i went to JB AGAIN with my gd frds & mum......and yes, tis is ONE OF MY FAV lunch place!! I think the last time i went to tis Seng Steam Fish Restaurant, it was mayb 2 yrs ago!!! No wonder the boss & his lady MISSed me and me too!!!
If u ask me wat to order, i dont know cos everytime we were there, the boss will say:" 我來安排!" (let me arrange the menu/ leave it to me). But not to worry, watever dishes he served u, i can guarantee, it will be gd home-cooked food!!

Here's wat we had:-

Fried boneless fish.....their MUST HAVE signature dish!!!! 

Steam pumpkin & yam with fried ikan billis! 1st time i see chinese restaurant serving pumpkin... yummy!!!

Sitr-fry french beans, lady-fingers & smelly beans with dried shrimps & onions - my fav!!

Steam cabbage

Bitter-gourd with salted egg yolk - my fav too!!

THERE!!!! almost ALL GONE!!!

Now u wan to know where is this place in JB, not difficult to find la......
look below!!


Outdoor......with fans blowing away NOT HOT & stuffy la


PLEASE take OPEN: 7am till 3pm only.

If u know how to see tis map......
can one la!! .....quite straight forward la!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Black bread....have u try before??

whenever i go to JB, i will definitely go to Lavender Bistro to have my hi-tea meal.
just last weekend, i chanced upon tis black bread that my frd bought!!

tis is Bamboo Charcoal Sandwich!!

it look like burnt toast but actually it's very soft & taste sweeter than normal white bread!!

me tasting the black bread!!!
i was worried my teeth will all turn black like how yr whole mouth become black when u eat squid ink pasta....but tis bread WONT !! see.....NOT a single black stain on my teeth or lips!! 

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cheap good food in JB

went to JB to stay a night w frd.
ate alot in the day and had fabulous & cheap zhi char dinner 

干炒河 -- fried hor fun

翻曙葉 -- fried tapioca leaves with sambal 

麥片下蝦 -- deep fried cereal prawns

this zhi char stall is just opp New York Hotel