Monday, January 5, 2009


If u thinking of BRING YOUR OWN wine or champagne....pls remember to also BYO plastic wine-cups!!! And worry the cups got mixed up after a few drinks...write name lor!!!

We had 4 bottles of wines when we were at backstage during the Ch 8 Countdown '08 show!!

Cheers...HAppy NEw YeaR!!


Steamboat is also one of my fav.....cos can cook yrself la!! We having herbal soup steamboat.

One set of mixed seafood, meats & vegs....

And a glass of sour-plum lime juice....tis one taste so good!!

Get it @ Teck Chye Terrence, upper serangoon road

David Gan's jewels...

Coloured-diamonds Bracelets from David Gan .....aiyo, i where got so much money to buy.....borrow from him one la!!!