Friday, May 21, 2010

超好吃的滷肉飯 - 富霸王豬腳

this is the POPULAR braised pig trotter rice in Taiwan

the q outside the shop is ONLY for take-away.....

the newly renovated shop.....clean & bright!!

one order of pig trotter, pork lark rice & one egg for myself....YUMMMY!!

tis is the pork lark rice 滷肉飯...and u see the reason why is called PORK LARK ....fatty pork meat is chopped into small pieces, separating the lark & skin.....

there !!!.......the tiny piece of pork lark.....

and the pig skin......collagen gd for our face la!!

PIG TROTTER!!! they used smaller pig trotters so easier to eat and more collagen too

small bite-size trotter

i finished up everything within 20 mins .....
this whole meal cost me only TWD$83 (i think la, ard there)....which means tis actually costs less then S$4!! wat a steal for a full meal!!

get it @ 富霸王

take a cab to nanjingdong lu 2nd str
tel: 25071918

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