Saturday, October 16, 2010

Own a piece from DAVID GAN!!

There will be a flea market @ Zouk tis sun, 17th Oct for charity and David Gan is doing his part to sell off designer clothes & shoes at very gd prices!! He only wore once or twice for most of the stuffs so if u always wan to have something own by David Gan or love one of the shirts he wore, head down to ZOUK !! PLUS u maybe will BE CAUGHT wearing the same thing with Christopher Lee cos they always buy same stuffs !!

Flea & Easy : Charity Edition
Zouk 2pm - 7pm

Pls see website :

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Beautiful Skyline .......

Pictures taken @ KuDeTa @ SkyPark of MBS

Big Chillies......

These chillies  are from Cameron ....
 as big as our hand!!
but tis is not spicy at all, it's just like chillie peppers....
best way to cook : slice open the chillie, stuffed minced meat or fish paste in it, fry with soya bean paste.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Dim Doo seafood restaurant.........

This is the seafood restaurant where i bought my fav mee tai mak from


They served BBQ on sticks - fishes, prawns, chicken wings, petais, squids, long beans....

Chicken wings & Long Beans

I helped to "cool" the staff while she's bbq-ing....

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Best 老鼠粉

Tis is the BEST 老鼠粉, mee tai mak, in JB and it reminded me of my childhood.
They used salted fish pieces to cook with the soup and the minced pork is very crunchy & juicy with a little flavour of sesame oil. As u can see, the soup is not like our singapore's minced pork noodle which is very clear, tis is cook over fire for a long time with ingredients like minced pork, small prawns, mushrooms & the very tasty 東菜 to get the thickness of the stock.
After having tis in JB, i tar bao 2 packets to bring back s'pore to eat lor!!

Get it @ Dim Do Restaurant
23 & 25 Jalan Sutera, Taman Sentosa,
80150, Johor Bahru
Tel : 07-3332209 / 3323789
Open : 5pm-3.30am

Black Charcoal Bread again

Another Black Charcoal Bread from Lavendar in JB and tis one is wheat!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

超好吃的滷肉飯 - 富霸王豬腳

this is the POPULAR braised pig trotter rice in Taiwan

the q outside the shop is ONLY for take-away.....

the newly renovated shop.....clean & bright!!

one order of pig trotter, pork lark rice & one egg for myself....YUMMMY!!

tis is the pork lark rice 滷肉飯...and u see the reason why is called PORK LARK ....fatty pork meat is chopped into small pieces, separating the lark & skin.....

there !!!.......the tiny piece of pork lark.....

and the pig skin......collagen gd for our face la!!

PIG TROTTER!!! they used smaller pig trotters so easier to eat and more collagen too

small bite-size trotter

i finished up everything within 20 mins .....
this whole meal cost me only TWD$83 (i think la, ard there)....which means tis actually costs less then S$4!! wat a steal for a full meal!!

get it @ 富霸王

take a cab to nanjingdong lu 2nd str
tel: 25071918

Olive in Taiwan

Thursday, March 11, 2010


It's been a long time that i didnt go to JB to eat and shop due to my busy schedules until last weekends when i went to stay for a night.
Today i went to JB AGAIN with my gd frds & mum......and yes, tis is ONE OF MY FAV lunch place!! I think the last time i went to tis Seng Steam Fish Restaurant, it was mayb 2 yrs ago!!! No wonder the boss & his lady MISSed me and me too!!!
If u ask me wat to order, i dont know cos everytime we were there, the boss will say:" 我來安排!" (let me arrange the menu/ leave it to me). But not to worry, watever dishes he served u, i can guarantee, it will be gd home-cooked food!!

Here's wat we had:-

Fried boneless fish.....their MUST HAVE signature dish!!!! 

Steam pumpkin & yam with fried ikan billis! 1st time i see chinese restaurant serving pumpkin... yummy!!!

Sitr-fry french beans, lady-fingers & smelly beans with dried shrimps & onions - my fav!!

Steam cabbage

Bitter-gourd with salted egg yolk - my fav too!!

THERE!!!! almost ALL GONE!!!

Now u wan to know where is this place in JB, not difficult to find la......
look below!!


Outdoor......with fans blowing away NOT HOT & stuffy la


PLEASE take OPEN: 7am till 3pm only.

If u know how to see tis map......
can one la!! .....quite straight forward la!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Black bread....have u try before??

whenever i go to JB, i will definitely go to Lavender Bistro to have my hi-tea meal.
just last weekend, i chanced upon tis black bread that my frd bought!!

tis is Bamboo Charcoal Sandwich!!

it look like burnt toast but actually it's very soft & taste sweeter than normal white bread!!

me tasting the black bread!!!
i was worried my teeth will all turn black like how yr whole mouth become black when u eat squid ink pasta....but tis bread WONT !! see.....NOT a single black stain on my teeth or lips!! 

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cheap good food in JB

went to JB to stay a night w frd.
ate alot in the day and had fabulous & cheap zhi char dinner 

干炒河 -- fried hor fun

翻曙葉 -- fried tapioca leaves with sambal 

麥片下蝦 -- deep fried cereal prawns

this zhi char stall is just opp New York Hotel

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Fav Duck Rice

Get it @ Beach rd foot center

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Special "cup"

An innovative way to hold yr coffee!!!