Monday, January 2, 2012

Most crazy fans year 2011.....

They are a group of newcomers in the showbiz scene!
They brought a new sensations to tis industry with a big turnout of their supportive fans for their 1st meet-the-fans promo!
We had to cut short a one-hour promo to a ten-minute promo due to the overwhelming turnout!!

The fans running around us......following us all the way to the bus!!

Just outside was packed like sardines!!


Tis was the 2nd Meet-the-fans promo and with barricades to control the crowds!
They were q-ing up to get the autographed postcards & having the chance to go onstage to take pics with the young ones!!

They STILL chasing after the bus......true-blue fans!!

Five cartons of gifts for the young ones.....BEST!! and we had to get the managers & staffs to help distributes the gifts to respective actors!

Then the fans turned up at the TV station!!!......

Before i went off, here's thanks to the fans for making tis event a memorable one!!

I called them:


The Best Team i worked u all to the MAX!!!

Year 2011 
The best collaboration i worked with!
Wonderful team filled with a lot of laughter, "bitching" behind each other back, "愉拍”-ing each other!
We were like a family, longing to see everyone weeks after weeks.....

Behind every successful program is a great creative team: Producer Ah Lian, Able to take our nonsense Camera Man Thong Thong, 傻妹 AP-coordinator Cai Fang, Script Writer Justin, Handsome Joseph.......not forgetting my PA : Finn !! Thks Finn for making my job easier & lighter my bags la!!

And this show started my PLANKING.............

2011 was not a great year for me BUT i was glad & happy to have this team & artistes to work with ....they made my 2011 a wonderful & memorable year for me!!
Thank You everyone!!