Monday, July 20, 2009

J-Pot : 2, 4, 6 or 8??

Always worry u have to use ONE steam-boat pot for many people and cant decide wat soup base to have?? NO sweat!! At J-Pot, 2=1!! Every steam-boat pot is shared with 2 persons on each table!! DOnt worry abt a big group of friends, they have BIG tables and still maintain the 2=1 pot!!

Tis J-pot cant SING but can STEAM!!!

Jumbo Seafood opened a new eating place in VIVO CIty. This J-pot is actually a steam-boat place !! They have the usual chicken stock soup base (they made the base with their own secret wor!!) and also herbal base. But they also wanted to cater to the younger crowds so they included LAKSA, Tom Yam and BAK KUT TEH soup base!! Well.....some people like it REAL healthy, and i bet ONLY tis J-Pot has it ONLY.....the PORRIDGE soup base!!

Laksa Soup Base

Tom Yam Soup Base with meat balls

Chillie, peanut, soy sauce....watever sauce !! DIY lah!!

A big LAZY SUSAN for a wide range of meats & vegetables to go into yr steam boat!!

Black Pork


Fish glue - DIY

Me having fun with the Fish Glue!!

This is HOW u do it : Hold "plastic" tube and press like putting cream onto cakes!!!

Give tis J-Pot a try......u wont b disappointed la!!
VIvo City, 1st level, go towards St James PowerHouse area and u will see tis shop , 1st one on the side entrance!!

Gold Or Black?

I always love boots , heels , slippers or flats!! So here i am, with my new-found booties!!

YES!! This gold one just so fabulous.....get it liao!!

Classic Black & the fashionable gold.....which one u like?? If u wan DRAMA, gold la!!

Get it @ Cherrie, Far East Plaza

Monday, July 6, 2009

Olive Oly, my Traveling Companion

AAAArrrgggghhhh....Someone want to kidnap me~!! HEEELLLPPPPPPP!!!! sitting on my business class seat, listening to music!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ramen so good.....oyishi !!

If u love Ramen, MUST try tis new place......make u feel like in Japan!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Claypot style of cooking

Not just rice u can eat in a claypot.......U can have:-

WaterCress soup

Chicken feet peanut soup

Stir-fry frog legs with black sauce & chillie padi

Stir-fry chinese lettuces in oyster sauce

Steamed salt fish (special order for my frd & I)

Mini burgers - .another special order for my friends!!!

Order from the Yoshimaru ramen bar, just next door .....

Metal plates, 雞仔碗, 盪碗, chopsticks & soup spoons -- all so old school......

Claypot Rice in HK style!!

This is a new eatery to go when u at BIG SPLASH......beside having a cup of Old Town coffee and kaya bread, why not have a full dinner on RICE!! AND if u are a sucker for claypot rice, here's one on the east coast area for u!! I always go to chinatown for my craving of claypot chicken rice owned by these 3 sisters.....and their version is a black sauce type. For tis Claypot rice on the east side, it's totally a new different version -HK version la!!! They DONT SERVE u BLACK sauce BUT only soy sauce!! So why not give it a u will ask for more la!!

CLayPot Fun is really a fun dinner time for kids.......

Here's WHY!!!!

Your Claypot rice is COOKED in tis claypot and serves to u at yr table with the ingredients.

Separate the ingredients from the pot of rice, putting it in the metal plate provided

Add in as much soy sauce & oil as u want on the rice........

Stir & mix the sauce & oil into the rice, spreading the nice fragrance into every grains.......

Here's what my friends & i had.......

Minced Meat cake with salt fish

臘肉, 臘腸, 臘鴨肉

Stir-fry pig liver AL-DENTA!!!

Chicken with Mushrooms

MY pontian wan tan mee....EXTRA!!!

The Usual: Pontian wan tan mee with black & chillies sauce and an extra order of wan tan soup

I having my fill of Pontian wan tan mee.....and the extra bowls of......noodles & wan tan!!! wooohooooo.........

Dried Wan tan with black & chillies sauce topped with pork lard!!