Monday, December 22, 2008

Cute ribbon for nails!!

Red nials with pink ribbon .........very xmas feel

Bag from France

My cute bag all the way from from my aunt!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


I really love anything with PORK!! And i love wan tan mee ...... But wan tan and 水餃鍋貼 is totally different. Altho they use pork, but wan tan mixture include prawns, mushrooms, water-chestnuts and some fried flat-fish (扁魚). However 水餃鍋貼 only have pork & 韭菜in it and the skin is totally made differently from wan tan skin.

I had 25 of these.....and must dip it & eat it with ginger-vinegar!! YUMMY!!

My dad bought tis from a coffeeshop he always hangout with his friends in geylang...and it was made by a china lady. This is TOTALLY HAND-MADE!!

Boil it in hot water.....

SCoop it up when the shui jiao "Float" on the water...that means COOKED liao la!!

There u go......nice, beautiful 水餃 .....
U also can deep-fry them or pan-fry after boiling in water.....or just steam them and eat it!!

The 僵絲 i cut to go with the vinegar.

Biscuits from France

The Beautiful box ......

The few biscuits left......and i transfered to zip-lock bag .

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Priscilla Tan, the FIRST!!!

went to watch IP MAN the movie and while waiting at the cathay entrance, 3 girls ran up to me to request for photo taking. Then one of the girl, Priscilla Tan, said she is my biggest fans, and HUG me!! I was really happy......cos it's been a long time that i hear someone wan to hug me lor. The hug she gave was sincere and touched my heart.....cos i know wat ever i did, i have supporters!! Thanks so much Priscilla, your HUG gave me the drive to PUSH on & work harder and to give the best of my everything in my works!!

Thanks for all the supports u & yr friends gave......

Pss......u can see she IS the 1st follower on this blog, right after i told her i just set up a new blog!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Just say only....

Animals coming

GET it @ BlackMail , far east plaza

Monday, December 15, 2008

Woman MUST HAVE....

Dont care if the bag is branded or not, just carry it!! Bags.....Ladies Must-Have!!

Red for Mac

A red keyboard protector for MAcBook!!....add a dash of colour

A TV Mobile Phone made in China.....good to watch tv when bored but must try to get the connection lor

My Fav .....

My Fav Mee Hoon kueh from Far East Plaza

William's rojak

Far East PLaza , 5th level, the eatery just right in front of the main lift

Metallic Leggings

GET it @ BLACKMAIL, far east plaza, #01-38

New Blog

Tis is a new blog by me.....cos after i private my shopping blog, alot of people cant get in and was really upset. They always look forward to what i have to introduce on shopping .

Therefore i had created tis new blog......on shopping , eating, services and......everything else!!

BUT i will not allow any comments my shopping spree!!