Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pontian or Graffiti Cafe??

This is the cafe that used to be at Heeren . When Heeren revamped, they moved out to cuppage plaza. It took me a long time to go around looking for this cafe NOT becos i wan to draw graffiti on the walls or tables & chairs BUT becos i LOVE the PONTIAN wan tan mee!! Then while shopping at far east, I FOUND TIS new outlet!! WOW....it's like POW POW BOOM.....i can have my FAV wan tan mee right in my FAV shopping center!

Pontian Wan Tan Mee - al-denta noodles with char siew, fried wan tan and come with a small bowl of soup with WAN TAN inside!! So a total of 6 pieces (fried & soup) wan tan with every bowl of mee u ordered!! A MUST-EAT version, Black sauce with chillies!! The black sauce add in the Oommpphhhsss....in the mee!!
They have 3 versions: -
A) tomato sauce without chillies
B) Only chillies sauce
C) Black sauce with chillies......TIS IS THE MUST HAVE VERSION!!!

The q during lunch time.....so to beat the long q (& yes, sometime they cooked until mix up the orders!!) , better to go off peak hours la.

Love the graffiti on the walls, and u can bring along your colour markers to write or draw too!! A great place for itchy-handed people and kids lor!! I did wrote my name on one of the table i sat...but cant find liao....mayb tables moved around lor or after cleaning the tables with detergents, all the writing and drawing slowly wiped off liao lor!!

A full meal for 2 persons!! And i side ordered a bowl of wan tan soup ( 14pcs) . That DRINKS - sour plum!!!

Usually i always side ordered Fried wan tan (14pcs) to go with mayo!!


Get it @ Graffiti Cafe, Far East Plaza, Annex Level 1......just at the far back corner near to the restrooms....NO WORRIES thou, NO unpleasant smell la!!

Tis Boots are made for walking......

I am a big collector of boots.....and i found tis thigh-high boot.....right here in spore!! It's v comfortable to wear and the heel is what i like, 4"!!

Sorry hor......no make up so MUST cover face la....dont wan to scare pp away!! Just to show u how the boot look on me!!

Price S$119 . LOVE TIS THIGH-HIGH boot?

Get it @ Cherrie, Far East Plaze, #03-31 or #03-125 Tel: 6736 4050, 6238 1832

This shop carries a lot of boots and they also bring in boots that has low heel too. If u cant get yr size, they most helpful to check if can custom made or not ( NO PROMISE HOR!!).